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Phlebotomy Training


Technician Full Course

Phlebotomy Weekend Refresher (Scroll Down)

Phlebotomists are a valuable asset to the health care team. We are now introducing our new Hybrid Phlebotomy Technician Course! Take the lecture component of the course online on our user-friendly platform and come into our lab for 2 weeks for hands-on practice.

This course will train you to safely draw blood, collect specimens, and perform a variety of clinical lab and procedures. We will review the test tubes and additives, the proper order of draw, practice basic venipuncture techniques using the evacuated tube system and the butterfly, and MORE!

After successful completion of the course, you will sit for the NHA exam to obtain your phlebotomy technician certification to become a nationally certified Phlebotomist.

April 4 - May 29 - Online

June 1-12 Mon-Fri 5:45pm-9:45pm In Class

Only taking 15 people

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Price:  $699 or 2 payments of $375

Text Book  - $69 

Don't take our word for it.
See Lisa, one of our previous phlebotomy students, below!

Lisa took our phlebotomy technician course. She is now working at a major hospital as a certified phlebotomist.  We wanted her to send us a picture of her first day at work! 

I'm so thankful for this opportunity. Ms. Hope thank you for everything.  Your phlebotomy program is great!

 -  Lisa 


Phlebotomy Training - Technician Working with Blood Sample

Phlebotomy Refresher

(For Previously Trained Individuals)

Do you have phlebotomy training?

Do you have an expired phlebotomy license?

Are you a Medical Assistant and want to also have your phlebotomy certification?

Are you a health care professional and need a blood drawing refresher?

Take our phlebotomy refresher course and get the training you need to successfully draw blood specimens and sit for the NHA phlebotomy technician exam to obtain your certification.

We will also review the order of draw, butterfly blood draws, obtaining blood and non-blood specimens, and more!

Class Details: Saturday & Sunday, 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Fees: Course - $299 | Online Study Guide and Online Study Questions - $75

Next Class:
Date: Saturday, Feb 8 & 9
Time: 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

After registration, you will receive an email on how to order study materials and the next steps.

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The Phlebotomy Refresher Workshop is offered for continuing education purposes for previously trained and occupationally qualified individuals. This program is not licensed by the North Carolina Community College System. The Phlebotomy Skills Refresher program has been declared exempt from the requirements for a licensee under provisions of Article 8, §115D of the North Carolina General Statutes, with respect to programs determined to be continuing education for already trained and occupationally qualified individuals. Exemption from licensure is not based upon any assessment of program quality under established licensing standards.